we also do custom pearl work and can supply some pearl for project also check out out link to CPinlay in Malone ny

Guitar Building Class

Call to schedule a class


Custom Inlay Work

we can help you will pearl  call 570-682-8046 we are happy to talk to you

Guitar Repair

Blues Creek Guitars offers a variety of services for the acoustic guitar player
covering basic setup work to advanced restoration techniques and even custom guitar
building and custom inlay. Blues Creek Guitars offers:

Custom Guitar Building

we  do build custom guitars  or you may come for a building class  we are here to help

Guitar Setup

nothing is more frustrating than a guitar with a bad action. Call and bring your instrument for a going over.  Get it to play the best it can . you will be glad you did

Vintage Guitar Restoration

we do a lot of work on pre war martins. We honor the  craft the old timers put into those guitars.  I am familiar with Hot Hide glue and old martin construction

About Me

Join the growing movement of home and project guitar builders and start making sawdust! Blues Creek Guitars will help you build acoustic guitars step by step. Our wide selection of acoustic guitar kits will help streamline your project, and our equipment and knowledge base will get you across the finish line.

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John F. Hall, Jr. Blues Creek Guitars Luthier & Owner

(570) 682-8046

(570) 682-3962

244 Forest Drive Hegins, PA
17938 USA

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